Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

There are still a few other things on the calendar--mtb provincials this weekend, one more race at Bur Oak, the Birch enduro next weekend, grass track(?), not to mention a bunch of road racing. But let's face it, all of these are just a series of placeholders to keep us from getting too distracted before cyclocross season begins. We at the FGBC, at least, are finding it hard to think about anything other than cx right now. Maybe that's because it's felt like fall for a couple of weeks already. But more likely, it's because cx is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that it makes you wonder why we even bother with anything else.

Don't know what the fuss is all about? Check out this little introduction to the world of cyclocross:

Back on the local cx scene, the locations are now all set. There are a bunch of new venues to look forward to.

MBCX #1 - Aug. 30 - Crescent Drive Park
MBCX #2 - Sept. 20 - Kings Park
MBCX #3 - Sept. 26 - CMU
MBCX #4 - Oct. 4 - Bourkevale/Bruce Park
MBCX #5 - Oct. 10 - Belgian Club
MBCX #6 - Oct. 18 - Altona
MBCX #7 - Oct. 25 - Whittier Park
MBCX Provincials - Nov. 1 - Woodhaven
MBCX #8 - Nov. 8 - Kildonan Park

Maybe we'll even get some of those postcards out. If nothing else, here's the third in the series:


Gianni said...

Best poster so far (no offense, Brad).

Care to throw out some dates for the final grass track meet?

The Dark Lord said...

How about Wed Aug. 19? And after that, Wednesdays = cross labs.

Brad the Impaler said...

None taken.

Luc said...

Olympia requests some, on my behalf.

Gianni said...

19th is the Daniel Mc/St.Matthews/Spence/West Broadway community garden bike tour.

Are there other options?

Gianni said...

And are Wednesdays confirmed for cross labs? In one discussion I had with Hal we were musing about Thursdays...

halloewen said...

looking at Thursdays and Saturdays for cross labs. Thursday being a more introductory session to work on bike handling skills and early Saturdays to do short but intense sessions with more sprints, followed by coffee - the goal is to finish by and be home by 9:00.

halloewen said...

Wednesdays could also work. whatever day I would like to start cross labs next week.

The Dark Lord said...

Um . . . how about this coming Monday? Aug. 10?