Thursday, August 13, 2009

Same Day Results [Updated]

Thanks guys. Much appreciated. This is how you do it, people. Full results here. But the ones that really matter are as follows:

The Darkness:

LeAnn - 1st = 25 points
Craig - 5th = 18 points
Chris - 9th = 13 points
Penner - DNF = 0 points

The Whiteness:

Gilles - 1st = 25 points
Kevin - 3rd = 20 points
Mike - 4th = 10 points (19 divided by two, and rounded up) 19 points

It all adds up to a narrow 56 - 55 win for the FGBC. Boo-yah! A 64-56 win for the Crybabies.


Anonymous said...

I have a problem with the dividing the points in half for a team tt. I think full points should apply for each individual there. I mean, there is no less effort (or entry fee) for the individual on the team. In fact, in the "mandatory" ttt, that no FGBC members showed up too, it should actually count as a loss of points for the non-showing team. Each individual of the team should receive full points. (thus making the team event that much more valuable- and we are "teams" are we not?
mikeg (opinionated as usual)

KK said...

In last night's case I have to agree with Mike. Mike had to choose between one event or the other. Had he known he'd only get 1/2 the points for doing the TTT, he surely would have competed in the Bur Oak race where he would have netted a similar result. Just saying he shouldn't be penalized for the MCA's short-sightedness in scheduling 2 events on the same night (again).

When we first talked, Chris, I could go either way for full points or partial points for a TTT. Upon further thought, there's something to be said for full points for each member in a TTT as it encourages team participation which is the point of a TTT and the challenge in general.

Adam said...

As VP(Road) for the team that's going to be disadvantaged by this decision, I am also in favour of full points per racer as opposed to per team (or portion thereof). If we all get four guys out next week, they should each be rewarded for their efforts, rather than having the points diluted just because it's a team event.
And in a very short season, having two events on the same night is probably sometimes inevitable, but if the alternative is less overall racing, better to have more events than less.

KK said...

I agree there may be some scheduling overlap from time to time, but given that the WNRS is a long-established series on the MCA calendar, I don't understand why last night's TTT wasn't scheduled for the preceding Tuesday or followig Thursday.

Then again, I didn't realize the double-booking until Tuesday, so I shouldn't be too quick to point fingers.

Anonymous said...

Just reading these comments, and considering if I'm getting the clan ready for church- noticed the word verification- FULASINH!
Guess I'm going to church.