Wednesday, August 05, 2009


The VP Road writes:

From the garage that brought you Yerba Cross and 24 Hours of Coens comes another not-so-new road bike for the stable. With the President there for advice and encouragement, the Secretary and I wrenched into the wee hours on not one, but two fine steeds. Lots of Phil’s grease, even more vodka. Good times.

Last night’s race was literally the first time I put shoe to pedal on this thing, and there were no problems, so I’m back in the saddle while the Sannino awaits repairs.

Apparently the Puch will be making her long awaited debut next week as well.


Luc said...

wow. hot.

KK said...


Will it be seen at Wed's 2-up TT?

Adam said...

There was some talk a while back among the FGBC about getting some teams together, both for the 2 and 4 person TTs. Best not to leave this until Tuesday night, eh guys? I'm in, for one. Who else?

The Dark Lord said...

Aug 12th is also the final WNR at Bur Oak. That's where I'll be. But let's plan on the 4 person TT.