Friday, August 21, 2009

TTT Report

(via Tom K)

Well, we didn't lose. Nor did we end up sprawled all over the road like these guys in the 1986 Tour (about 1:50 min. in). Road kill might make for a tasty meal every now and then, but that doesn't mean you want to find yourself on the asphalt abattoir. So our two main goals were accomplished.

That's not to say we put on a clinic on how to ride a TTT, however. Despite some rolling thunder in the distance, we got off to a decent start, just as it began to rain. For the first three km we were flying, as the footage gathered by our very own media entourage will no doubt attest. And then we somehow ended up dropping Jonny G. By the time we realized, there was already a rather large gap. That was not part of the plan. Or maybe it simply reflected the fact that we didn't really have a plan. I dropped back to try and tow him back up to the dark train of awesomeness. But he had already blown a gasket by trying to chase back on his own. Not being on the bike for the last few weeks as he played the part of ultimate all-star did not help, I'm sure. Bummer. But don't worry about Jonny G. He will bounce back. So our 4 person team was now 3 and, with RRR having started one minute behind us, we set ourselves an interim goal of not letting them pass us before the first lap was done. We managed to hold them off until about a third of way through lap 2. Another goal accomplished. But shortly after the second time up the hill, a line of soggy breakfast cereal came dribbling past us on the long, gradual downhill toward Bur Oak. We managed to hold the pace, sitting about 20 metres back for the next few kms. And then, with about 2 km to go, just after Larry fell off the pace, we decided to try and reclaim our rightful spot on the road. We gradually upped our speed and then the Wheels of Justice took off like one of the purse snatchers he is accustomed to chasing. I managed to grab his wheel and we pulled up beside the RRR train long enough to enjoy their startled expressions. It was at this point that Mike yelled out "Big Ring, Big Ring!" and KK bellowed "Thor Smash!" Clear signs of panic, and a momentary psychological victory for the dark side. And then we noticed that the Cricket was limping along about 50 metres back. Any gains were quickly erased as we had to pull out the dagger and ease up on the gas long enough for the Cricket to hop back on board. So instead of limiting our losses to less than a minute, we came in 1.22 back of the White side.

RRR was 3rd at 33.19 and we were 4th at 34.41. There were five teams. For the record, we were a bit faster than the time posted by the team of Halberto, Tommeke, Gianni and me in last year's TTT. Speaking of those guys, the Olympia team was a no show. That is strange, since it was their special pleading that led the Dept. of Petty Rivalries to loosen its rigorously policed strictures in order to give the Oly Boys a little taste of excitement known as the The FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge. Lesson learned. Keep the poseurs at a safe distance.

Tom K is processing the photos and mixing the videos. Look for them here. Thanks Tom.

As for The Challenge, the FGBC picks up 19 points for each of its three finishers, while RRR takes 20 for their three. They win this round 60-57. It's still very close. Which means it will all come down to cyclocross. As it should.


Tom K said...

Hey, sorry for the delay in getting my pics and video up online, but if you check out my trgcoop post all will be revealed:

The TTT was good wet Dark fun!

Unknown said...

Dr H,

My apologies. We had the day wrong (we thought it was Wednesday). THe team was ready to go.

Unfortunately, we are contractually obligated to NOT race Thursday's. It was one of the conditions of signing this year. Weird, I know.

Adam said...

First: Tom, thanks a ton for the photos and video, it was a great evening of racing and camaraderie, despite the weather.
Second: Leave it to the nerds over at RRR to break down not only their own performances by points/percentage, but also that of the venerable FGBC squad. See here for your results:
Assuming the ultimate prize is a 12 pack, note that the Secretary's contributions - should the contest end today - would entitle him to split a beer four ways with some of his fellow racers (these might include Penner or Johnny S, but not Unger, whose inclusion in the pie chart is presumably only to shame him in some way).
Of course, the contest doesn't end today, it is really only just beginning, and it will of course be decided by the cross calendar, as it should be.
That doesn't mean the prelude to the FGD challenge is over, though. There are still 4 crits, 3 time trials and 2 mountain bike races left before the hard men come into their own. Let's make the most of it, shall we?