Monday, August 31, 2009

Remember when we were winning that race yesterday?

That was awesome. Too bad it didn't last. But at least Jonny G's dad Bill got some photos of the sweetest jersey in the world at the head of the pack. That Cricket, he sure hops gracefully. That other guy is decidedly less graceful.

I'm almost done with the Vuelta Pool setup. Just waiting on the Cricket to fix a minor roster glitch. Results for the first three days will be up later this evening.


KK said...

I see your problem, Chris. Big ring! Always big ring!

Anonymous said...

I would like to take this moment to give a good friend his props and tell everyone that Tom did in fact beat me. Yep it's true I closed the course down .
I can tell you without a word of a lie that that race was EASILY the hardest bike race I have ever done bar none (all 24's included). I literally couldn't focus my vision the last lap and was wallowing in total bonk. I fact I actually though I might not be able to finish.
On the plus side I showed up and gaver shit till the boat sank to the bottom.

So here's to cross and the Majesty that it provides by making us suffer in a small flat area that others mearly use to walk there dogs and let them poop. This time I was the mca's poop.

Dallas " I don't think I'll ever be right after that race." Sigurdur

Cricket said...

right, sorry, I forgot i had to pick another... ummmm... i guess I'll take Lars Boom.

Tom K said...

Hey Dallas "I'm too humble to mention that I had completed a 50 km run earlier in the day before racing" Sigurdur! Serious props to you there bud for showing up and changing your mind at the last minute and moving up to the A race, as I did (wt-heck - eh)! You can't bonk if you don't give it your all ... you did!!

Thanks for mentioning that ... not because it really matters (you would have waxed me any other day), but because when I got home tonight I checked the results and was a bit confused, cause I remember passing a couple guys during the race ... you were the last ... not long after I made it through the finish area and was allowed to keep going for my last lap as the cut off was happening.

I'm not built for short race speed, but I love cross and the longer it is the more fun ... motivation to work more intervals!

Big congrats to Chris, Craig, Jonny, LeAnne, Adam, Vic and the whole FGBC gang for racing well and showing such huge team spirit! Lori commented to me about how your club was like one big happy family ... very cool!

Oh ya, thanks Craig for the FGD beer after the race ... needed that big time!