Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday Anticipation: Special Friday Edition

The curry flavoured belches and cold sweats have almost subsided. Time to move on.

In case you missed it, notice the announcement about the 2011 edition of the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge. Last year was good. But we expect a bigger FGBC presence this year. More details coming soon.

To help pass the time during the next 7 months, we will continue with our exploration of the seven deadly sins, otherwise known as Nordic Cross. We heard a rumour on Tuesday that the Editor was close to having a calendar ready. There was also a rumour that this year's series might include a 50 km cross-country ski event. We are not sure what we think about that. But that doesn't necessarily mean anything to the Editor. In fact, it might only serve to encourage her.

If we stuck with the schedule of once-every-three-weeks, that would mean the next race would be some time around New Years. It is hard to imagine a better way to bring in the new year, don't you think? Go ahead and mark it down on your calendar for Jan. 1. We will figure out the rest later. Envy would seem to be a fitting theme for that one, since it is arguably a big factor in the often self-deceptive ritual known as the New Years Resolution.

Sloth Cross, at least, is set. It will be on the February long-weekend, as usual. Apparently that means it will be on Feb. 19-20 this year. We have yet to finalize the location. But the poosher's palace remains a strong favourite.


Anonymous said...

Do explain what happens at sloth cross, please.

The Dark Lord said...

Well, you can either ride your bike. A lot. It's a 24 hour race. Or you can do movie laps. It is also a film festival. Most do some combination of the two. But it's the possibility of racing while sitting on the couch that qualifies it as sloth cross. Are you in?

Kim said...

Valentines Day = Lust Cross? It is a Monday though.

Apparently I've been relegated to show up at Falcon. Race? Maybe. I'm crazy enough. Help... maybe... depends on where the kids are. Thanks for the date alert.

The Dark Lord said...

Falcon? Definitely for racing. Put a team together. Or two.

Jonny G and I are working on lust, so to speak. We have some ideas.

g said...

A combination of the bike fairy, Farrah, and Craig with a wig.

ok, possibly not the last one.

Kim said...

What! Huh? Sorry I was daydreaming. I'm still stuck back on thoughts of the Dark Lord and Johnny G working on lust.

Gianni said...

I think I have greed figured out... (with much credit to Lindsay for the concept)

how's that fit into the calendar?