Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

It is not common knowledge, but Gianni is known to some as the Guru of Greed. He has been busy crafting his expertise on the subject of avarice into a race for us to enjoy. To wit:

Sandals? It may well be grounds for banishment from the Kingdom of Wolseley, but not only do I not own Birkenstocks, I don't have sandals of any type. I will find some.

Some loudmouth suggested that we might have a race on Jan. 1. That will not happen. That suggestion was made when judgment was still clouded by the presence of too much curry in the system.

So Nordic Cross #2 will be Greed Cross on Jan. 16. You have just over two weeks to get ready.

One way to get ready, and to spend more quality time with Gianni the Guru of Greed, would be to participate in his Frozen Crow ride on Jan. 8. St. Pierre to St. Malo and back via the Crow Wing Trail. Sounds like a winner.


Gianni said...

Also, if anyone want to ride this weekend/Monday, I'll be out around BHP trying to do some miles and would love company for some/all of it. Comment or email me if you want to meet up -

Gianni said...

Also also,

Indoor shoes will suffice in lieu of sandals. You don't have to buy anything to participate in Greed Cross - most of that gear list is just suggested, and substitutions based on whatever you've got at hand will serve you just fine. (but more is better)

KK said...

I don't have Wolseley sandals, per se, but I do have flip flops. In a case such as this, is a little less much more better?

Gianni said...

Yep, flip flops work. Anything that's not covered in snow is good.