Saturday, March 05, 2011

Strade Bianche

Tom K had the best day on the white gravel roads. He had 510 points thanks to Cancellara, Wegmann, Hesjedal and Hincapie. Brad the Impaler wasn't far behind. He enjoyed a 485 point day. King Andy continued his hot start. He grabbed the final podium spot with 480 points and pushed his lead in the overall race up to 175 points. Chris O and Prince Dan are tied for second overall. They have 1450 points each. Nice.

We are also pleased to report that there are no longer any teams who have been shut out for the season. David, Steve, Andrea, and JP have all made it on to the scoreboard.

Full results and standings here.

There are no highlights available yet. Hopefully something will show up yet. This race is too good to miss altogether.


CycleChick said...

It's about time! I was starting to think about cheating.

Tom K said...

Every dog has it's day ... with four strong men like these guys on my team (I know you're tougher Brad - but these guys also eat "Road Salt & Gravel"), I was bound to cash in at some point.

Thanks for the updates and viewing links Chris.