Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Join us at the klubhaus for a press conference announcing the FGBC's Campaign to End Winter.

We will ride before hand. Probably in the Ass. Forest--a prelude to Lust Cross.

9:30 pm at my place.


KK said...

My back is out, so I must give my regrets for this week's ride. Muscle spasms are hard.

The wv sums it up nicely: chiti

JP said...

I am on kid-care duty so no TNR for me unfortunately.

I was unable to attend the MTB meeting yesterday- so I have nothing to report- hopefully Brad was there.

It looks like there will indeed be a back 40 in an enduro format though...

have a great night all, I ride vicariously.

KK- hope your back improves

Brad the Impaler said...

Two Fesbochs and four Advil and your spasms will be a memory.

Tom K said...

Muscle spasms are hard ... muscle relaxants however - hmmmmmm