Thursday, December 01, 2011

Caffeine Cross Report

It is now two days later and I'm just starting to feel sleepy. Just kidding. I slept like a baby. Unlike some others, apparently. Sorry Mark. You obviously need to add more caffeine to your daily routine.

The race started with a mandatory but randomly chosen scattering, just to make sure everyone split up. JP and the Hipster were the first to arrive back at the klubhuas. And they finished their first pint at the same time too. This meant they had they both had the maximum number of entries in the random draw that was to determine the overall winner. From this we learned that Lady Luck was not smiling on JP that night. He defied the odds in the wrong sort of way and plummeted all the way down to 8th place. Mark hung around for second. And the winner, with just 3 entries in the sweaty cycling cap was me. Thank you Lady Luck. KK managed to beat the odds as well. He was second last before the draw but ended up finishing 4th. Luke, Penner, and Darryl did not drink any caffeine. But they showed up and were subjected to Vic's even-more-hyper-than-usual banter. So we included them in the results as well, in the order that they showed up at the klubhaus. No fat tire penalties had to be assessed. But Graham received a bonus for helping me fix my flat tire. Unfortunately, it was negated by the penalty applied for failing to show up at the start on time. So it was a wash.

As for the coffee, the consensus was that Parlour was clearly the best, followed by Bar Italia. Joe Black's was easily the worst.

Full Results:

1) Chris
2) Mark
3) Jonny G
4) KK
5) Vic
6) Lyle
7) Craig
8) JP
9) Graham
10) Luke
11) Penner
12) Darryl

Token photos:

The next race is Dec. 20. KK is organizing that one.

Stay skinny, my friends.


Brad the Impaler said...

Really, really sorry I missed this one. Worthy of a redo next year?

halloewen said...


skinny is overrated