Thursday, December 22, 2011

TNR Report

KK's Kristmas Kermesse was more like an enduro alleycat. He sent us to six different holiday themed sites that took us to Lindenwoods, Charleswood, South Osborne, and downtown.

The order by which we visited the various sites was determined randomly. This ensured that we all traveled separate routes, which gave us plenty of opportunity to wonder whether we had actually be suckered into another installment of Wrath Cross. It also meant that some had longer routes to travel than others. It seems JP had the longest trip, clocking in at around 45 kms. Jonny spent the most time on the road, but mostly because he spent 10 minutes in the Exchange looking for Carlton St. before he remembered it is not there. Only Luke elected not to visit all the checkpoints. He picked up some pizza instead and hung out by KK's fire, enjoying Egg Nog and sambuca.

That was probably the smart thing to do. Then again, the rest of us got to ride around for two hours. That was pretty awesome.

The Hipster and I arrived at KK's place, the final checkpoint, at the same time. And JP showed up just as we left for the finish line at the klubhaus. He caught us, of course. So we sat down together and ordered three pints of Darkness, setting up a thrilling three-way sprint to the bottom of the glass. JP took it pretty easily. The Hipster was second and I limped home for third place. Jonny G came in about 10 minutes later.

The full results (including those who showed up but did not ride, just because we want to) are as follows.

Jonny G

After the first two races, the overall standings for the 2011-12 Nordic Cross Series look like this:

Chris 45
Mark 44
Jonny G 39
JP 39
Luke 30
Graham 26
Darryl 25
KK 25
Vic 18
Lyle 16
Craig 15
Kelly 14
Penner 11

There was not much time after the race for the usual confabulatory goodness. But we found a few things to talk about. And tried on our new caps.


Brad the Impaler said...

Sounds to me like Luke had the right idea.

The reference to Wrath Cross has me inspired. Can it ever be topped? The Dark Lord's strip tease, Juan Eppstein's rage; Warms the cockles of my heart.

Dudes, I have something even better (worse?) planned for March. You will probably need to arrange for a ride home.

The Dark Lord said...

Bring it.