Saturday, December 10, 2011

Live Tweeting?

That sounds big. Almost as big as the Big Idea. The last time we found ourselves in live tweet territory, Jonny G, the Cricket, KK, Dr. John and I were chasing an ultra endurance cycling legend through the mountains and across the prairies. To be honest, we never figured out how live tweeting differed from the regular sort of tweeting. But it did help to make our effort sound newsworthy. Besides, the nomenclature came from a very big man--our resident media expert, ACE. He had already utilized his bigness to destroy a couch in the RV by that point, so we thought it best not to raise any questions about his choice of words.

Halberto, Gianni, and Co. think they have something big on their hands too. Maybe not Big Idea big. But big nonetheless. So big, in fact, that they are live tweeting their information meeting about it next Wednesday, December 14 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Olympia. Yes, you read that correctly. They are live tweeting a meeting.

The meeting is about an event they are calling Actif Epica. It sounds exotic. Or perhaps it's just that spelling is hard. Or maybe Epica is to Epic as Sweeterest is to Sweetest? In which case it will be not just epic, but very, very epic. It also sounds very, very cold. So cold that they are bringing in an expert in cold weather safety and survival to provide some tips about how to avoid winding up frozen in a ditch.

Sound like fun? Show up on Wednesday to find out more.

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Duece said...

witty post. made me chuckle.