Monday, December 05, 2011

CX Pool Roundup

There were four races this weekend. Two in Warwick, RI. A World Cup in Spain, but only for the men. The women raced in Frankfurt instead. There were also two races in LA, but they didn't meet the criteria for inclusion in the pool.

Winners were as follows:

Warwick #1 - Chris H
CDM: Igorre - Jonah
Frankfurt - Rachel
Warwick #2 - Chris H

Andy continues to lead the overall race. But he is racing without Trebon and his lead is shrinking. It is down to 245 points now. Can anyone take advantage? Tune in next week to find out.

Full results and overall standings here.


co2cycle said...

no points for Pfingsten's win at Frankfurter Rad-Cross (the best race name ever)? He's the Andre Geiepel of cx (german dude winning all the li'l races). Where is the love?

The Dark Lord said...

The rule this year is that there must be five racers from our cx pool list per race (for both mens and womens races) for a race to count. That's why the LA races didn't count.

The more pertinent question is: why was Pfingsten not racing in Igorre?

co2cycle said...

Ah yes, the rules. Pfingsten is still a mystery to me. I had never heard of him before this season and picked him because I liked his name. My guess is that he's not getting invites to the big-boy races because no one else knows who he is and he rides for a scrubby team. I'm becoming a big fan though.

My question is where in the heck is Katerina Nash?