Monday, December 19, 2011

CX Pool Weekend Roundup

Holy Crap! Was that awesome or what? Bart Wellens worked some voodoo magic to take out Nys's derailleur and grab a win for himself in Essen. And then, as if the Essen mud-fest wasn't already awesome enough, they kicked it up a notch at Namur on Sunday. If you missed the race, be sure to watch the last lap here.

In the CX Pool, Chris O took the win in Essen with 445 points courtesy of Wellens, Meeusen, Helen Wyman, and Sophie De Boer. Hal had 400 points for second place. And Andrea's 320 point day got her onto the final podium step.The J-Train took a big win in Namur. He had 520 points with contributions from Nys, Compton and her heir apparent, Katie Antonneau. Rachel had 475 points to finish second. And Laura was third, with 465 points.

For the second week in a row, we have a new leader atop the overall standings. Chris O now sits at the front of the race. He has 8760 points. That's a little more than double the amount of points Matt has, down at the other end of the overall standings. King Andy remains in second overall. He is just 45 points back of Chris. I am back in third place, another 130 points back of Andy. Jonah is nipping at my heals. He's just 20 points from the final podium spot. It's all very close. At least among the top four. Good times.

Full results and overall standings here.

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