Saturday, December 24, 2011

Surhuitsterveen and Diegem

Good news, boys and girls. We have reached the part of the year where there are cyclocross races almost every day. How awesome is that?

There were two races this week--in Surhuitsterveen on Tuesday and Diegem on Friday. They will take a break over the weekend before the awesomeness starts up again on Boxing Day with the next round of the World Cup on the race car circuit in Zolder.

Ian took the win in Surhuitsterveen. He had 285 points with contributions from red hot Marianne Vos, Radomir Simunik, and Mariusz Gil. Terry was second with 240 points. And Jay had 220 points to finish third.

In Diegem, Terry was crowned king of the night. On the strength of another impressive win by Vos, along with contributions from Bart Aernouts, Steve Chainel, Simunik, and Nancy Bober, he managed to grab himself 365 points. Jay found himself on the podium for the second consecutive race, with 320 points. And Hal received an early birthday present in the form of the final spot on the podium. He had 275 points on the day. Swell guy that he is, Terry was kind enough to let Halberto spray the crowd with champagne.

In the overall race, we continue to see changes to the top of the standings. Chris O continues to lead, and even stretched the gap a little bit. Jonah has moved into second overall. He is 100 points behind Chris. King Andy has dropped to third place. He sits another 105 points back of the J-Train.

Full results and overall standings here.

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