Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TNR Report

There was a ride. I'm not sure where it went. But it was no doubt a good one.

At the klubhaus, we received a late X-mas gift in the form of a free round courtesy of the management. We elected to go even darker than the usual Darkness with some goodness courtesy of Mr. Arthur Guinness.

We sketched out plans for some new course features that will put DarkCross 2012 so far over the top it is unlikely we will ever get it back.

We also confirmed a few key details for the FGBC/RRR 2012 Kickoff Party that will take place next week. The most important detail is that it WILL happen, despite the fact that some important matters pertaining to the planning of this special event disappeared into the dark matter of the President's brain over the holidays and went unconfirmed. The Secretary kindly agreed to pick up the loose ends. Look for more details coming to your inbox very soon. Cousin Thomas asked for help in determining whom he should ask to be his date for the evening. We weren't much help.

But before we get around to celebrating the arrival of 2012, we still have to close out 2011 in proper style. We will do that with a cx race on New Years Eve. Probably some time in the early afternoon. Check back for more details.

We also returned to the Impaler's idea of HorseCross. We gave him the go-ahead to look for a venue.

And then Vic gave us a summary of the 9000 songs that are on his ipod. There is less opera than you might think.

The Dark was dialed in just right. So were the tunes. It was awesome.

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the secretary said...

We should also add our apologies to Bernie Taupen, who we thought dead. He's not.