Friday, March 02, 2012

A Few Things

First, and most importantly, everyone must bring two bags of chips. There will be no exceptions.

Second, the location is 206 Athlone Dr.

The first lap begins at 10am sharp.

Fat bike penalties will be applied. There will also be penalties for being very un-Dude. There may be some bonus points awarded. Expect some element of randomness.

Anything else, drop a comment below.


KK said...


halloewen said...

my bike is no fatter than any other aluminum framed bike, my tires on other hand....

Lars said...

Ha ha...indeed. My bike is probably skinnier than some of those fat-tubed carbon frames, so if anything Hal, KK and I should be getting bonus points.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I'll take my car out to Tom K's. If anyone from the core (West Broadway area) needs me to play sherpa with any of their gear (chips, beer, sleeping stuff etc) let me know. Message me on FB or find my number on Google+

The Dark Lord said...

Hal - you are out of your element.
Larry- Carbon?
Thomas - you are awesome.

KK said...

Bonus points for packing down the trail for the skinnies.

Tom K said...

Good times are just ahead! Bring on the penalties ... the fun is what matters :-)

As host for the event, I pass on these points to answer the FAQs:

- Our address is 206 Athlone Drive. Easiest driving access is North on Sturgeon Rd. from Portage Ave. Turn right on Flamingo Ave. (just half a block south of Ness) and next right on Athlone. We are the 4th house on the left. Athlone is a weird street that meanders all around. Google Maps is king!

- Lori and our dog will be off having fun with some girlfriends. Just our very-relaxed cat at home ... for you allergy folks, we use a Dyson dander-filter vacuum.

- I have fixed the video player setup (blu-ray, dvd, .AVI, .MP4, .mkv - all good) with USB port.

- I'll have the Wifi set up with "billmurray" as the Network & Password.

- We have no home phone. My cell: 612-9266.

- There are two couches in the living room, three in the family room and a spare bedroom & office room w/hide-a-bed, plus space down in the work out room to spread out.

- There will be two bathrooms avail to you and you're welcome to use the shower. Sorry, MBR & ensuite are just for my fat ass.

- I'll have the fridge fairly empty except for beer and beef. The garage is insulated, so it's a good fridge as well.

- I'll have the BBQ ready on the back patio with a spare tank. I have BBQ sauce and extras. Have some paper plates, etc.

- Bikes can be left on the back patio or in the double garage (keypad). I have a floor air pump.

- We have a double driveway, but probably better mostly for drop-off/pick-up vice parking (bikers will have to come and go here).

- There is parking on our street on the West side.

- Lori will be making a mega pot of chili w/buns.

- I am borrowing a commercial coffemaker from work that has two extra warming spots on top. 1st can of Timmy's is on me.

See ya all in one sleep.

Brad the Impaler said...

Wouldn't 'she' have to have balls to say that?

Anonymous said...

Thomas, answer your phone...

If anyone has room in their vehicle for some cases of beer, some chips and a backpack, that'd be great. Even better if my bike and myself can go along too, but that's secondary.

Anonymous said...

I just offered Craig a ride. But I can at least take all your stuff. And seeing as you are about 3 steps from me...also I don't know what Craig's doing yet.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

had a tonne of fun, thanks to everyone involved especially our gracious host!