Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TNR Report

It was another brisk ride. So brisk, in fact, that we didn't have any time for photos. KK must have had a bad day at work, because he whipped up a storm at the front of the group. And it never really slowed down. Until we got stuck in some mud. Apparently, it isn't quite as dry as we thought it was. So we cut the ride short and headed back to the klubhaus on an equally brisk pace. It is a good thing we did, because our early arrival allowed us to catch Unger and Phillie before they were able to sneak away after reporting for the early shift.

Given the lengthy slate of agenda at last week's meeting, we really had little official business to discuss. And given the Secretary's absence, we actually left before they kicked us out the door.

The Impaler failed to show up to provide us with an account of his recent whirlwind trip to Georgia. That was sad. Story time with the Impaler is one of our favourite things in the world.

The tunes were nondescript. I can't remember a single one.

And finally, it is spring. So we are officially in the season of the Spring Ride. How sweet is that?

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