Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday Anticipation: Special Friday Edition

On April 20, in the middle of the night, the Dark Side will travel out to Falcon Lake to blanket the town with these posters. They are good folk down there and they deserve a heads up about what a big deal the Spring Ride is.

Who's up for a road ride this weekend? Something will happen. We're just not sure exactly what or when. But post something on the blog if you have a plan and are looking for someone to ride with.


Adam said...

I am in. My house to Selkirk and back is my usual ride. But I'm in for wherever people want to go.

Anonymous said...

I will be riding somewhere tomorrow morning so as to be back at home by 11am, as it is my only option for the weekend. If anyone wants to join me or wants me to join them then great.