Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We Heart Vic

Troy conceded more ground today. He laid a goose egg and now his lead is down to just 145 points. Poor Troy. But it could be worse. He could be Vic. Vic is currently working on a truly impressive feat. In ten races, he has not scored a single point. Perhaps this explains why neither he nor anyone else caught the fact that he was mistakenly omitted from the overall standings for the first nine races. Maybe we were unwittingly doing him a favour by failing to publicize this rather dubious distinction. But that oversight has now been corrected and he now sits in last place for all the world to see. How much longer will his streak of goose eggs grow? Check back tomorrow to see if he makes it 11 in a row.

The Halfrican and I did not lay goose eggs. That is because we had the wisdom to select the young Slovak phenom, Peter Sagan, for our pool teams. He won today and gave us 350 points each. So I am now within striking distance of Troy. And Pete is within striking distance of the podium. He now sits just 30 points behind the third spot that is currently being occupied by King Andy. The J-Train finished third today with 90 points. He is in fifth overall, 140 points back of Pete.

Full results and overall standings here.

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