Monday, May 28, 2012

Spring Ride 2012 Report

For the tenth year in a row, it was awesome. Very, very awesome. We went back to camping and found a new trail. Here are a few photos to tide us over while we await the Secretary's annual movie.

So much sweetness.

It didn't take long until something was Eff'd. Specifically, Gianni's wheel.
Fortunately, rear rotors are vastly over-rated.

Stupid bridges.

Back at the campsite, it took some time to get the fire going.
Lucky for us, Mike was prepared.

Cousin Thomas, as usual, got all dressed up for the occasion.

The fire's hypnotic powers were hard to resist.

Especially for the Hipster.

So we tried a little experiment.

How much stuff can you pile on a Hipster before he wakes up?

The answer, apparently, is quite a lot.

Thanks to JP's iPhone, we were able to watch Ryder kick ass at the Giro.

Saturday's ride was a new one. It started out with some cx practice.

The trail featured plenty of open rock.

And souvenirs.

He may ride with the Heaviest Bike Club in the World, but Johnny S still has it.

There may have been a few breaks.

Post-ride recovery program.

There were a few minor incidents. JP's proved to be the most photogenic.


g said...

I did eventually make that bridge. 5th times a charm.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why KK was laughing so hard

Brad the Impaler said...
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Brad the Impaler said...

Johnny, it's that kind of tenacity that gets a feller a Butter Belt.

g said...

You know it...Butter Brother from a different Mother.