Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tour de 'Stache Ride Report

A few of us spent the better part of the day exploring a new route for a potential FGBC throw-down race slated for the coming weeks. It was windy. Very very windy. Thankfully I was riding with some good company who were courteous enough to let me hide behind them as we headed past the white horse and down through Pigeon Lake. Never before have I been so happy to stare at a pair of mens backsides. But I digress.. The route is excellent. Other than double flatting, it couldn't have been much better.

The ride really started at the perimeter where we jumped onto the old number one highway, watching cyclists absolutely blast past us in the opposite direction while we struggled to even maintain 24km/h. One lady was even singing as she rode past. After stopping in Saint Francois Xavier to load up on salty nuts, Jonny caught sight of some bunny-hopable roadkill up ahead.

It turned out to be a black cat, but with a tough ride ahead, superstition set in and it was decided it probably wasn't a good idea to test our luck. We rode past.

It was ok though because the VP of Good Times got his fun on this sweet jump he spotted on the side of the road.

There is a really nice bridge at the halfway point.

Shortly after I had my second flat on the gravel leg. The gravel is actually really smooth and packed down for the most part. All three of us were happy to be on 23s.

Then it was a massive tailwind all the way home. Good times. This will be a good race.


The Dark Lord said...

I can't wait to race this.

Might next weekend be an option?

KK said...

Sounds like fun.

I managed to do some recon on a potential route from Wpg to VB yesterday, only I was going from VB to Wpg...into that crazy, crazy wind.

Gotta love the prairies.

g said...

I bet it was awesome...and sucked tremendously at the same time.