Monday, May 07, 2012

One Foot in the Gravé

A huge thanks to Cousin Adam and the Secretary for a very sweet day. The route was well thought out. The race was awesome. And the after-party was even awesomer. The only thing missing was a proper name for the event. Unless anyone comes up with anything better, it will hencefore the known as One Foot in the Gravé, or OFG for short.

The pre-race banter and technology exhibition was extended while the President made a last-minute decision to pull the Hand-Me-Down Colnago off the hooks for the first time in a year.

Jonny G had the ride of the day. He flatted on the first of the secteurs gravé, less than 10 km into the race, and rode the final 100 km all by himself. Unlike some others, he did not take the Escape Route. Charlene and Colin receive an honorable mention for their A & W fueled ride.

As for the rest of the race, it went kind of like this:

First, Brad KK'd himself, putting in a strong pull and then failing to rejoin the group. Lyle dropped back to ride with him. Then Adam dropped off the pace. Daniel and Craig came unhinged shortly after. That left three of us with over 80 km to go. It seemed unwise. So we waited for Daniel and Craig to catch back up. We stayed together  for the next 40 km or so. Daniel flatted at the Bridge to Nowhere. Craig dropped off the pace somewhere between Selkirk and Lockport. And then KK KK'd himself about 5 km from the finish line. That left JP and me to duke it out for the win. JP launched the first attack, thinking the finish was just around the corner. It wasn't. He went again with about 500 meters to go. It proved to be a very nice lead-out.

The dogfest was lovely.

There was a really big fire.

A Cohiba.

And some very sticky fingers.


Brad the Impaler said...

Good times. Thanks boys.

Cricket said...

ya. once i felt like i wasn't going to die anymore, that was a good, good time.

AnnaBanana said...

This sounded so awesome. I'm sad I keep missing all these great partys.

g said...

Fair enough. I'm sad every time you say you're riding your bike someplace cool. It was a great time.

The Dark Lord said...

Have you won any race yet, Anna?

AnnaBanana said...

Not yet. Everyone out here rocks on a mountain bike. I did a marathon mtb race on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday and it was hard as hell.