Thursday, May 10, 2012

TNR Report

We mostly just wanted to see if the Secretary still reads the blog. Apparently he does.

While at VJ's, we also had a pleasant conversation with a genial and rather portly fellow about his passion for fabricating alternative bikes. He was pretty excited about a wooden trike he had recently seen. He had not heard about Graeme Obree's latest project. But he had heard of blue tooth shifting and braking systems. He'd just come from a Linux convention. He ordered a double VJ special. With fries. Awesome.

On the way over to VJ's we, stumbled upon some people who were making magic with lights.

The Impaler was not able to attend. But he did participate via a Facebook conversation with the Secretary.

At the klubhaus, the Big Frame unveiled his latest handiwork. It also completed the prizing from Adam's OFG event. New plans were also released for a much larger version of the cowbell that would also double as a podium goblet.

There was some talk about the Spring Ride. I can't remember the details.

I do, however, remember that the tunes were dialed in. And we finally solved the mystery of why the tunes are better some days than others. I forget her name. But she is the older one with the long hair, whose bad side you would not want to be on. We are not sure how we feel about this new development. There was something nice about the air of uncertainty. We have not determined whether there is a similar causal relationship to the quality of the Darkness. But considering that it was off, our guess is that there is not.

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