Thursday, May 31, 2012

TNR Report

We rode a lot on the weekend. Some of us almost as much as 50 kms. So it only made sense to keep the ride short and head straight to the klubhaus, whereupon the Official Spring Ride Debrief commenced.

The consensus is as follows:
  • Camping was the right decision.
  • Breakfast at A&W is a key ingredient in the weekend. Breakfast followed by a Teen Burger is even more key.
  • The new trail is better than Ingolf. We will be back. Often.
  • Mike G. is alright.
  • Some are more adept at using a leaf blower than others.
  • JP's jawbone is magnificent. We are happy he didn't break it. He will henceforth be known as Kiefer.
  • The Hipster's spontaneous (and perhaps unintended) mid-ride tribute to the Honorary Captain was very fitting.
  • If we didn't already have a VP Style, Cousin Thomas would be a strong candidate.
  • We still love the President. A lot.
  • That thing with the Hipster sleeping by the fire was pretty funny.
  • The absence of a deesco was a big disappointment.
  • As was the absence of the Cricket. It won't happen again. He bought a car.
  • Olli's commitment to the Dark Side needs some work.
  • Removing bolts from your rotors to lose some weight is just dumb. Very dumb.
  • Planning races on the weekend of the Spring Ride is a huge problem. Especially when it means Jonny G and I need to wake up before 7am on Spring Ride Sunday to tend to the needs of the Junior Dark Side. We trust that the loyal servants of the MCA will make sure this never happens again.
  • We are exactly what we are.
The music was interesting. A little bit disco, a little bit rock and roll.

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