Monday, May 14, 2012

Stage 9

Pippo Pozzato checked in on his beautiful curly locks at 70 kmh while heading around a sharp left hand bend. That did not work out so well. He crashed and took down Goss and the subsequent chain of dominoes took down Cavendish and a number of other very fast finishers. So the expected fireworks kind of fizzled. But at least Pippo's hair looked good.

That was good news for Gianni. He swooped in for the stage win thanks to the efforts of Ventoso and Hesjedal. Ventoso's win and Hesjedal's 7th place finish netted the Grass Track Czar 220 points. Halberto finished second, with 195 points, and vaulted back onto the podium. And Eryn managed 115 points to take the final podium spot.

Andy still stands atop the overall staqndings. He leads Hal by 82 points. Jonny B is in third overall, 37 points behind Hal.

Full results and overall standings here.

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CycleChick said...

I wish those crazy Italians would stop crashing out my boyfriend. So rude.