Monday, July 07, 2008

Burger Cat: The Menu

Here's what you get to look forward to:

VJ's - VJ's Special
Daly Burgers - Deluxe Burger
Dairi Wip - Fat Boy
Super Boys - Super Boy
F&H - 1 pint of FGD. Anything other than FGD is a DNF. It's worse than puking, really.

Meet at my place. The race starts at 8:30 sharp. We will not wait. If showing up on time is difficult, plan to be here by 8:20.

The race ends when your pint of FGD is done.

It's an alley cat of sorts. Choose your own route. It's the destinations and the completion of the tasks at hand that matter.

Note that Daly Burgers & Super Boys both close at 10. VJ's and Dairi Wip are open late. Bring cash. Save your receipts.

Burgers must be consumed in their entirety before you get back on your bike. No eating while riding.

Change in plans for the vegetarians. You will eat 2 veggie burgers--one from Cousins and one from Stellas on Sherbrook. And you will eat two large orders of fries--one from Dairi Wip and one from Super Boys.

Here's a map:

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Any questions?


Brad the Impaler said...

RR Racing will be well represented.
Should be a gas.

Tom K said...

Thought I might join the fun, but life got in the way. Have fun and don't blow chunks ... I mean the race!