Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Wednesday: Bur Oak trail. Meet @ Concert Hall @ 4:45 if you want to ride out, Bur Oak @ 6:00 if you are driving.

Sunday: Ingolf. Times to be determined. 3 back to back to back laps. Training for 24-9 mile. Details to follow

If you haven't seen this, this is how to ride downhill.


The Dark Lord said...

Does this mean Reach the Beach is off?

Anonymous said...

According to the Olympia site, yes. The Red River Racing boys are throwing out an idea for next Sunday as well. A metric century on mountain bikes in the city featuring all (or most) of the river trails, starting and finishing at the Forks, with a lunch stop thrown in, and maybe a Slurpee or two. Anyone interested in something like that? Maybe a Garbage Hill prime and some sprint bonuses?


Anonymous said...

what the fuck is happening to this province and racing??????????????

And to think I just broke out the rig and had her ready to party:(

Dallas " this news totally f'd my day." sigurdur

halloewen said...

please do not read any anger in this, i'm just stating facts. what's happening is there were 9 registrants as of sunday - 40 was our break even point, so it does not make sense to put this on. also, there have been 3 mountain bike events in 2 weeks and this would make 4 in 3 which is fine for some folks, too much for others. a few (read the same) people are doing all of the work putting on the races, working on trails, etc and they too need a break this (reach the beach would be our 3rd race in less than 2 weeks), if 30 people would have registered by now it would have gone off - if you didn't preregister than there is nothing more to be said. the best solution for the state of mountain bike racing is participation by racing, joining a club that supports racing and helping out. it's too bad that r-t-b is not on this year, but come join us for some fun in ingolf, 3 laps will give you a decent work out.

The Dark Lord said...

I'd go with the Red River ride over Ingolf. Definitely. The riding to driving ratio seems way better. Let us know, Brad.

As for the local race scene, no matter how you spin it something is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Mike G will be the course designer. Tentative plan is espresso at 8:30, ride at 9:00. It will be mostly trails and likely look like a four leaf clover heading out and back from the Forks, first north, then east, south and west. Folks could jump in or out at their convenience. Lunch on a patio somewhere is mandatory, with other food and beverage stops as the group need dictates.
More details to come. Suggestions/tweaks are welcome.

Anonymous said...

i second hal's comments. if you think something is wrong, the best thing you can do is COME AND RACE. not racing is being part of the problem, not the solution.

we do have issues, gas prices are not helping, communication issues (of lack of) etc...

we are at the brink here boys. we are only 2 or 3 volunteers away from it all collapsing. seriously!

Kevin B

Coach Dave said...

I just came back from scoping out the R-T-B trails and it was awesome. Cancelled? This sucks! I do not understand why people are so slack about pre-registering. Honestly… WTF is wrong with this province. Go to any other province (with the exception of the east coast) and people are falling over themselves to race. I must say this is very depressing. A Lot of people are bending over backwards to put on races etc etc etc. Maybe I will take up skate boarding… well maybe not. But it is very depressing. City trails or R-T-B…mmmmm… Since the race is cancelled we should throw down a Blunder 100! I ride city trails everyday of my life.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever had the tone that the organizers were the problem ( well maybe the overpriced Manitoba cup events). I mean really , reach the beach was $35 which for the event it was is a steal of a deal. They could have charged $50 and it still would have been worth the money ( actually I think I registered three times).

Where my frustration comes from is a weekend pass and nowhere to party. Now these passes don't come easy so I have to ration them out to absolute quality events. Missing redass is a bummer but that couldn't be avoided so I was banking on riding with the posse this weekend.
Oh well I have a 50 miler run on the 26th in Duluth so all is well.

Dallas " what would Manitoba do without Olympia?" Sigurdur

Anonymous said...

I don't find $20 pre registered for the cup races that bad, Saskatchewan's are all $30-35 pre, and $40-45 regular. I know gas prices are up as well, coming from Bdn, I think about it often... Until I talk to my buddies that motocross race, now there is some fee's and gas money!

Hope to ride with you all some time, the Bdn hills are awesome in fall!

The Dark Lord said...

Nicely put, Dallas. That basically captures my sentiments on this one.

Greg, we've been talking about a possible Brandon ride. We'll see.

halloewen said...

really didn't want to come off sounding pissed - i wasn't. i guess the thing is that organizeded racing in MB is in a little bit of a hurt zone these days; we just can't do things they way we used to and expect people to show up in the numbers they used to. what is nice is to see that people are concerned; i hope this bodes well for the future.

PaddyH said...

it's pretty simple:

make entry fees cheap: 10s buck for adults 5 for under 13's
only have pop and donuts for food.
offer draw prizes instead of rank prizes
make every mca club that races put on at least one race that they participate in(rd/cx/mtb)

take it back to the old days people!

ps- it's btwn 40-50 bucks for an ABA race entry fee out here...