Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Those guys down south have it so good. The singletrack is as sweet as the sweetest jersey in the world is beautiful. It flows like nothing else around here, and there's plenty of climbing to be had as well. And they just keep adding more and more. It's a veritable fat tire feast.

50+ kms of that sacharine stuff for Halberto and me yesterday. First a couple of laps around the lake trail and the adjacent Trans-Canada Trail section with John L. And then, after a delightful dinner back at John's place, we rode the new cuts of the last couple of years south of Tinker with their Tuesday Night Ride crew. Kevin B and Tinker Tim made the drive out for the evening as well. I think there were 15 riders. Very impressive.

We have to pull off a FGBC ride there before the summer's done.

No pictures of the trails. I was too busy walking my bike up the hills. But I did manage a couple of token group shots. Halberto has more.

OTT: The Eames Era, Little Brother

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