Thursday, July 24, 2008

wooly mammoth team time trial

team 'shallow end of the talent pool' participated in a rather wet and windy team time trial last night and came away with a second place finish (okay, it was a second out of four teams, one of which was a women's team, but a second none-the-less). yeah, we got our clocks cleaned by a team of skin suit wearing, one-of-our-carbon-time-trial-bikes-is-worth-four-of-your-bikes roadies, but if we included points for best dressed we came out on top. the decision was to wear wool come hell or high water - thank god for the high water, which was in our faces the entire race as we sucked up each other's rooster tails sitting in our "tight" drafting formation. second place netted us $30 which was promptly invested in a six of leffe, a six of anchor steam, and two bags of chips to be consumed in the crowded porch of mr. and mrs. dr. h.

one more thing - if you did not get a chance to read this post on local races by the new york bike snob do so, it is damn funny


Anonymous said...

After reading this entry, I put two and two together and realized my sometime commuting partner, who left work early on Wednesday to go to a race, was one of the other participants, so I have the other version of this story.
While he admits to the general accuracy of the events as decribed, Steve takes issue with the purported value of his bike: "Yes, it is true we went by them going up hill at 50 kmh but I was on a $300 bike with a deformed headtube."
Apparently he and the "Rocket from Bermuda" even passed some cars.
I was, however, able to get him to agree that our boys were definitely the best looking competitors of the event.

that dave said...