Monday, July 14, 2008

Tuesday Night Ride

Halberto & I (and maybe some others) are heading out to Morden and Tinker tomorrow. Lake trail first, beginning around noon, and then we're joining up with the regular Tuesday Night Tinker Creek ride at 7pm. Best singletrack in the province. Yup, it is.

OTT: Now It's Overhead, Dark Cycle


Anonymous said...

Nice poster. Really nice.

So those of us who have to work all summer are going to have to plan a ride in town?
Anyone up for that?

The Impaler

Gianni said...

Can't make tonight, but if tomorrow happens to work for riding out to BHP (to race/volunteer/goof off), I'd be game for that...

Anonymous said...

Anybody up for a ride Wednesday during the day?
They let me out of the asylum once in a while, so I have the day off.
Maybe a river trails part two?
Long road ride?
Patio to patio lazy ride?


Colin Antaya said...

Anyone interested in a Tuesday night ride here in the city can meet up at my house (143 Pinedale, in the Norwood Flats) for a ride. Semi-leisurely pace, route T.B.D., looking at an 8 p.m. start.