Monday, July 07, 2008

River Trail 100: A Winner

Good times, indeed. Other than some steroid-enhanced canker worms in the south end of town, it was an unqualified success. Mostly a north-south route featuring the Red River and the Seine. Just shy of 100 kms by the time we returned to the Forks for the final time around 4pm.

Mike won the North Shore Prime. Johnny S won the Best Crash Prime. And since we didn't make it to Garbage Hill, there were a couple of hastily announced Hill Climb Primes. Jonny G won the first of those, and Ian took the second. The beer laps were fantastic. And the Dairi Wip Fat Boys have everyone salivating with anticipation for the next big FGBC event: Burger Cross. Tomorrow.

Thanks to Mike G for the idea and the leadership.

Looks like there was plenty of riding out west as well. Dave D wins it. Nicely done guys.


mike said...

I'll try to send out the gps map of the ride- I mapped 100.1 km back to my house(a lap around the block topped it off) Good ride- thanks

the secretary said...

sweet ride.

Other highlights:
- very old ladies in the station wagon waving to us on scotia.
- woman spinning wool by the river in Kildonan Park
- fat boy + beer at Dairi Wip while someone in the church across the street was playing the top forty hymns over the loudspeaker outside (i tried uploading the cel phone video, but the sound won't work, and that's crucial)
- graham's face in the trial by canker worm
- riding almost as far as the Westgate cyclathon in 1982 (OK, that was a century), with a bunch of good guys.

Anonymous said...

I dont' know why nobody is acknowledging the "tunnel on the way pack to the forks" prime. Sure, I was 100m ahead of everybody when I called it, and maybe nobody heard me, but boy did I smoke everyone.
Thanks for the fatboy mike. Maybe I'll buy you beer some time. Then again...
Anyway, nice to have met some of you guys for the first time