Wednesday, July 23, 2008


They may be climbing some scary looking hills in the Alps, be we at the FGBC have been doing some climbing of our own. 4 laps at the Dump last night, two times up per lap. The grassy descent was a little frightening on the skinny tyres, and the switchbacks caused a few dismounts as well. Jonny G went over the bars. Brad had a dreaded double flat on the way down but managed to keep the rubber side down. Tomek kicked ass, while Luc and Craig rode well to take 2nd and 3rd. Halberto was there playing race photographer.


Tomek (geared)
Luc (fixed)
Craig (ss)
Chris (fixed)
Ian (geared)
Luke (ss?)
Darryl (fixed)
Jonny G (fixed)
Vic (geared)
Colin (geared)

Course Consultation

Luke knows how to give 'er

He also takes home the sweetest footware award on the day

Colin crests the final climb in style

On the way back, the stadium was scouted as a potential future race venue. We will make some inquiries.

The F&H served up the good times, as usual. The bike racks are sitting in the back of the vendor. We've witnessed them. Maybe one of these days they'll even be up.

On his ride back home NK, Brad flatted again. Already down several tubes, he stashed his bike in porch of the Tuesday Night Ride HQ and took a cab home. Pricey evening.

OTT: Malajube, La Valerie

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