Sunday, July 06, 2008

Stage 1 Results

Frequent Flyers (Tom K) 370
Farm Team (Tinker James) 265
The A Team (Adam) 195
Never at a Loss for Words (Vic) 195
Zed's Dead, Baby (Chris) 175
Los Lobos Soundcheck Disaster (Bill) 165
Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs (Jonny M) 145
Mylie Sigurdur's Wheels of Fury (Dallas) 145
Team Runner Up (Mike) 130
Sturmy-Archer All-Stars (Kevin) 125
Powered by Veggies (Jonny B) 120
Fuck It, Let's Go Bowling (Colin) 105
Nothing Stops a Party Barge (Donna) 80
Dolphin Ankle Tatoos (Ian) 75
You Like Samurai Swords, I Like Baseball (Arlene) 55
English on the Ball (Matt) 40
Don't Stop to Smell the Flowers (LeAnn) 35
Arms Akimbo (Brad) 25
You Suckers Don't Have a Chance Against the King (Andy) 15
Annie Proffitt (Rachel) 0
Lethbridge or Bust (Paddy & Naomi) 0
Poison Ivy Weedwackers (Hal) 0
Viva Italia (David S) 0

I'll post all the teams later today.

1 comment:

PaddyH said...

so out of respect for that fact that Fubar was on tv last night, I request that our team name be changed to:
"Turn up the good, turn down the suck!"