Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday Anticipation

This will be good. Very, very good. Be there. And be prompt. Closing time is an issue in some cases.

The Tour starts on Saturday morning. Michael Barry may not be riding, but he's written a great article for the NTY. Read it here. FGBC TdF Pool teams are due tomorrow. Nine teams submitted so far. More to come, I hope. The roster so far is as follows:

Jonny B
Poison Ivy Hal
Brad the Impaler
Tenacious V
Bookseller Matt
Ian the Anti-Ruinationist
Long Distance Dallas
and me, Dr. Divisive

Finally, it appears there are two options shaping up for Sunday:

1) 3 (or 4?) laps at Spruce Woods
2) River Trail 100

More info (i.e., where to meet and when) on both is forthcoming, I hope.


Anonymous said...

Will the start time be earlier? I guess a closed restaurant is an automatic DNF?

Find some inspiration here:

The Impaler

Gianni said...

Dammit I'm stuck working out of town. I'll be praying for you all (i.e. that you all survive without heart attacks).

what's a river trail 100? In the city?

The Dark Lord said...

8:30 should be early enough for a start time on Tuesday. It may have a bearing on your route, though.

Brad can provide a further explanation of the river trail 100. But yes, it's in the city.

Anonymous said...

River trail 100. Riding all or most of the river trails in town, starting and ending at the forks, hoping to cover 100 or so kms, hosted by the Red River Racing club. Our race director will be Mike G.

We are hoping to be true to the FGBC culture of fun competition, with a mandatory patio lap somewhere along the way and as many other food and/or beverage stops we want. We will dream up some other stupid laps before Sunday.

Tentative start time is 8:30 for espresso, riding by 9:00.


Coach Dave said...

Blunder information for the fearless and stupid

4 Laps of the Epinette trail at Spruce Woods Provincial Park (or whatever you are good for) this Sunday, July 6th The ride/race/event will start at 8 am Sunday morning so everyone riding all 4 laps can be home in time for a late dinner. More information at

Be there!