Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Get on Your Bikes and Ride

No race tonight. Just a ride. Meet at my place, 9:30 pm.

OTT: Vancougar, Phone Calls


Colin Antaya said...

Dr.H-probably won't be at the ride tonight, just wanted to ensure that I was one of the confirmed for "the sweetest jersey in the world "

the secretary said...

colin, not to overstate the obvious, but, "the sweetest jersey in the world" post, currently below this one, is the location for adding your name to the list.

in theory, i'm still the secretary, and do need to keep some decorum around the proceedings.

Colin Antaya said...

Daryl- as discussed, and not to belabour the point...my intent was to ameliorate your secretarial duties by responding to two posts at the same time. Nonetheless, I am now well informed and duly chastised. humbly,