Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sunday schedule

Re-posted from the comments below. But just in case anyone missed it:

We'll meet at Espresso Junction for an espresso at 8:30, start riding at 9:00.
There will be three beer primes:
Garbage Hill TT
'Shore' style stunt/obstacle
Randomly placed sprint
All riders kick in a little cash to cover primes. (Sorry no sponsor.) The more riders, the more primes.
Mandatory lunch patio lap.
End of day pint at Muddy Waters.
Lots of riding in between.

Sounds like fun.

TdF Pool results coming soon. Probably not before tomorrow though. I'm still preparing the spreadsheet. But with Valverde, Pineau and 2006 TdF runner-up Pereiro on his squad, it looks like Tom K will have the early lead. Smells a little fishy there Tom. I suppose you'd like us to consider this a coincidence.

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Tom K said...

Scouts Honor ... cashing in Backstedt for Cioni, Pereiro and Pineau was a few coin tosses.

RT100 ... looks like I won't make it ... our 20 yr old son Jordan just showed up at 7:30 at our door as an early surprise (he was away tree planting in Alta for two months). Visit day for me. Have fun.