Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rumble at the Dump: An Update

Last night, in a secret location on the other side of the river, a consultation was held. It was decided that the race tonight will be a skinny tyred affair. Keep 'em slick too. Leave your fat tyres at home along with your excuses. That doesn't mean it's on the pavement though. Be prepared for grassy descents and loose gravel climbs. And be prepared to enjoy some good times.

Meet at my place, 9pm.


Anonymous said...

Were there men in hooded capes at this 'consultation'?
Skinnies in the dark, eh?
Sounds yummy.


Anonymous said...

i was going to make my annual appearance, but now i have too much volume and too much tread.

oh well, maybe next year!

Kevin B

The Dark Lord said...

Just show up Kevin. We'll figure something out for you.