Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cobbles, Tunnels, and Darkened Alleys

Another Tuesday night, another sweet ride. Mostly the Forks and the Exchange. Some recon for future races, and a little random wandering. First post-Burger Cat visit to VJ's. Which is good, because it was so much better yesterday than the last time we at there. We're back on track. Five errors helped the Goldeyes blow a 9 run lead, and yet they still celebrated with fireworks. There were plenty of spooky characters lurking in the trees along the river trails as we made our way over to the F&H. And some kids who mistook us for aliens. We're lucky to have made it home alive, really.

The clubhouse, as always, was warm and welcoming. Like a grandmother's hug. Highlights included a vigorous discussion about the state of the MCA and local racing. Names were named and fingers were pointed. Math and electronics seemed to come up a lot too. And traffic tickets, especially the kind that arrive in the mail. The gist, if I recall correctly, is that it's all Cousin Adam's fault.

OTT: The Raveonettes, Aly, Walk With Me

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