Thursday, July 24, 2008

garbage hill redux

the race in pictures:

determining the course direction

luc first over the hill

g negotiating the corner

tom first up the road

darryl on the switchback

adam (ooops - craig) making the road climb

brad the impaler was impaled twice (three times if you count the ride home)

post race


The Dark Lord said...

adam = craig.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all my flats this year are because I've been buying cheap MEC brand tubes.
Any thoughts?

BTW, I really like the first picture. A couple of real studs. Way better than that crappy poster for the Morden Tuesday night ride a few weeks ago...

The Impaler

PaddyH said...

dudes, 'sup w the MCA site...looks like its just dead, kinda thought some results would be from the last couple a races to peruse....

The Dark Lord said...

The MCA site sucks right now. Pure and simple. And there seems to be some increasing rumbling that the MCA itself is similarly in trouble. I hope they can turn it around.

PaddyH said...