Friday, July 25, 2008

Sylvain's Joyride

Sylvain Chavanel stormed the party barge, grabbed hold of the rudder, and took it for a joyride today. It seems like there hasn't been a stage this year in which he hasn't launched an attack. He tried again today and it stuck. He wins his first ever stage of the Tour, just as Nothing Stops a Party Barge wins their first stage of the 2008 TdF Pool. No significant changes at the top of the GC in either race. But there was a major shakeup at the bottom of the TdF Pool. With Chavanel on their squad, Turn Up the Good, Turn Down the Suck! breaks out of their slump in a big way. They finish second on the day with 150 points. Viva Italia, however, managed only 30 points from Allesandro Ballan. They take over the lanterne rouge by a mere 10 points. Something tells me this one's going down to the wire.

And the race for the Tour itself is going down to the wire too. It all comes down to a somewhat hilly 53 km individual time trial. Carlose Sastre vs. Cadel Evans. Sastre has 1.34 to spare. Will it be enough? The consensus seems to be that it won't be enough. But there are some notable dissenters. Chris, of the Podium Cafe, thinks he can hold on and presents some numbers to back up his claim. Either way, it should be an exciting hour or so while those two guys are out on the road.

ASO/VN highlights here.

Stage 19:

Nothing Stops a Party Barge (Donna) 215
Turn up the good, turn down the suck! (Paddy & Naomi) 150
Team Runner Up (Mike) 145
Zed's Dead, Baby (Chris) 115
Powered by Veggies (Jonny B) 115
You Like Samurai Swords, I Like Baseball (Arlene) 115
You Suckers Don't Have a Chance Against the King (Andy) 100
Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs (Jonny M) 95
Mylie Sigurdur's Wheels of Fury (Dallas) 60
Team Toulouse (Vic) 55
English on the Ball (Matt) 55
The A Team (Adam) 45
Viva Italia (David S) 30
Sturmy-Archer All-Stars (Kevin) 10
Fuck It, Let's Go Bowling (Colin) 10
Annie Proffitt's Kids (Rachel) 0
Frequent Flyers (Tom K) 0
Farm Team (Tinker James) 0
Los Lobos Soundcheck Disaster (Bill) 0
Dolphin Ankle Tatoos (Ian) 0
Don't Stop to Smell the Flowers (LeAnn) 0
Arms Akimbo (Brad) 0
Poison Ivy Weedwackers (Hal) 0

Overall Standings:

Team Runner Up (Mike) 2855
Team Toulouse (Vic) 2400
Zed's Dead, Baby (Chris) 2375
Los Lobos Soundcheck Disaster (Bill) 2110
English on the Ball (Matt) 2045
Nothing Stops a Party Barge (Donna) 2035
Powered by Veggies (Jonny B) 2020
Farm Team (Tinker James) 1715
You Like Samurai Swords, I Like Baseball (Arlene) 1645
Fuck It, Let's Go Bowling (Colin) 1620
Mylie Sigurdur's Wheels of Fury (Dallas) 1615
Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs (Johnny M) 1615
Frequent Flyers (Tom K) 1580
You Suckers Don't Have a Chance Against the King (Andy) 1490
The A Team (Adam) 1440
Dolphin Ankle Tatoos (Ian) 1425
Sturmy-Archer All-Stars (Kevin) 1150
Arms Akimbo (Brad) 1130
Annie Proffitt's Kids (Rachel) 1075
Poison Ivy Weedwackers (Hal) 945
Don't Stop to Smell the Flowers (LeAnn) 820
Turn up the good, turn down the suck! (Paddy & Naomi) 560
Viva Italia (David S) 550

OTT: Or, the whale, Death of Me


Anonymous said...

58 tidal cove .... beers and load obnoxious cheering for all those interested in seeing Carlos holding off the boring Australian. Comer and join Duluth and I in seeing the stage as sweet as it can be on a 32" LCD.

Oh and there is coffee for those that don't think drinking is cool at 7 ish am.

Dallas " I remember asking God to let Spain win the euro cup and told him I'd ask for nothing else this year, well I lied please God punish Cadel for boring me and millions of other fans." Sigurdur

The Dark Lord said...

Bummer. I'd be there, if I weren't in the lovely burg of Crystal City for the weekend. I hope someone has OLN out there.

Anonymous said...

You could always put coffee in the beer. Half Pints seem to think that's a good idea.
Had my first Stir Stick Stout the other day. And I'm not sure how I feel about it.
Workin' for the man tomorrow.
And checking the live updates all morning.
Rooting for Sastre.


Anonymous said...

I've been pounding back the stir stick stout since I first tasted that glorious beverage, I freakin love it.

In fact I have two in the fridge right now , one for me and one for Carlos when he keeps the yellow jersey:)

Dallas " I miss my white SLR saddle." sigurdur

PaddyH said...

Dallas, wtf happened to your bike?

and which one

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like God has spoken and Cadel sucks ass:) Next year when Astana returns the big C can kiss his chances goodbye yet again. In fact I think he should apply for a supper domestique job like Horner, KLoden, George or Piereo:)

That was a pretty sweet stage though and although I think I received no points because my boys burned themselves out the first week all went well.

As for what happened to the beautiful giant, well it was slammed into the garage door by an absent minded plumber. The bike is in great shape though but the seat and bike tray are now in cycletopia.
Oh and obviously a wood door is on its way to a landfill.

Dallas " I'm pushing for 9 mile and now it's just up to Sherry and Miley." Sigurdur

Oh I'll admit that there were LITERALLY tears in my eyes when Carlos held off Cadel. That's right you head me , TEARS.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks good for 9-mile right now all I need is that last minute okay from the nest and to figure out the ride. I know Hal is Going and luc and Colin will be there with bells on but is there anyone else?

Colin mentioned to me that they were doing the Thursday after work / Sunday late so you can head to work route but is this the general idea.

Oh and I started charging my lights but also emailed ahead to rent some form niterider. Didn't Hal rent lights last year? how did that work and who did he get them from? anyone? Hal?
Dallas " I'm crazy ass tired but crazy ass motivated at the same time." Sigurdur

PaddyH said...

he used mine Dallas.

Anonymous said...

well that explains the non complaining about light rental prices (50 l.e.d and 75 h.i.d).
So how's it going over yonder? I check the blog when I can and it looks to be such a blast in them there mountains that the posting is in frequent:)

We're gonna miss you kids this weekend and it really would be a nice surprise to see you there if you can make it. In fact I'll pay your entry if you do, really I will.

Dallas " I need lights and I need them now." Sigurdur

PaddyH said...

well if it weren't for the fact that Naomi can't ditch class and I'd have to call in sick/quit work to get there, as everyone else has this weekend off but me, it'll be a hell of a race for sure, especially after seeing who was(or wasn't) at "worlds" this past weekend. The Hundie next weekend will pretty much do me in, if we go, then we gotta start getting dialed for the 12 or so Cx races here, nevermind any we do in Sk or "pop in" for in MB....