Sunday, January 18, 2009

canuck cross report

5 brave souls showed up for the 09 version of canuck cross. for those who do not know the format, it is a biathlon combining the skills of hockey and cross racing. this year's course started and ended on the river trail which now extends past omand creek park, eventually making its way to assiniboine park. where omand creek enters the river they have cleared a small rink which was the perfect spot for the start and finish of the race as well as the shooting gallery and penalty loop.


the race course started by going up the creek. you had to go under the bridge (an under-barrier) and continue up the creek. about 150 meters past the bridge you had to dismount your bike and zig zag your way up the left bank, get on to the trail and get back on your bike. from there you made your way on to the path that

headless nordic cross riders

circles the ball diamonds and headed back on the east side. this was followed by a precarious downhill descent down a path/tobogganing run, a right turn back on to the path only to dismount the bike again to climb up the larger toboggan slide. from there you rode along the ring path, completed a hairpin turn to go down the path to the bridge and back on to the creek taking you to the river. the race consisted of 4 laps, and three shooting events. craig, patrick, tenacious, the impaler and myself showed up. as with last year, accurate shooting made all the difference; i made 5 of 9 targets and i think craig made 3.

tenacious on the penalty loop

i can't remember what tenacious and the impaler did, 1 and 2 i think, but i do know the patrick put down the big goose egg. finishing order was: halberto, craig, the implaer, tenacious, and patrick.

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