Sunday, January 25, 2009

Like Glue?

The Sweetest Skinsuit in the World has infiltrated someone else's YouTuberry.

Evidently, Howard needs to find some glue with better adhesive qualities, as demonstrated by this next clip taken a few laps later. The Sweetest Skinsuit in the World is far up ahead by this point. You'll have to take my word on it.

Are we really that slow? It sure feels a lot faster on the bike.


g said...

right on. just so you word verification word for this comment is "blest".

Does blogger know that i'm not at church?

g said...

we are blest though.

Anonymous said...

Somebody should have told H. that those skinsuits are like stealth fighter material -- no radar signature and nothing sticks to them. You blink and you're like wha? Shazam!!! Gone.

Luc said...

dude, you're flying.

The Dark Lord said...

Thanks for the explanation, Anon. You must have been wearing a skinsuit as you typed. I'm sure you signed your comment and the skinsuit's stealthy qualities made it disappear.