Thursday, January 29, 2009

tnr minutes

a fine gathering. Craig and the Impaler went for a ride, south down the trails along the Red... which brought them back well after 11:00. Good work riders. The hockey crowd wandered in to find Colin and Halberto (stretching it out way late)... the remains of a MUCR meeting. Very nice to see/hear that MUCR is taking things seriously in a way we refuse. G rode in later from Vball. Drive ins were Tenacious V, secretary (hockey) and Luke (always better to drive in than not show).

Cycling topics: an explanation of the Olympia Cycling Club meeting by Halberto; 24hrs confirmation and reconnaissance planning; probably some others
Non-cycling: the main piece revolved around a certain procedure G is signed up for... this devolved in a number of ways including concerns around anesthesia and infection... a shame the President wasn't around because he brings graphic description to this in a way us non-medical folk would prefer not to even dream about.

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penner said...

infection: absolutely to be avoided!
anaethesia just hope it takes!
Hematoma: potenitally the worst is often accomplanied with infection and potentiall a "redoo"

check it out ( not for the faint)