Friday, January 02, 2009

Jonny M(ediocre)

Not content with simply naming a race after himself, Sven Nys has to go and win it too. He won the Grote Prijs Sven Nys for the eighth time yesterday. Only Stybar could stay on his wheel. But Nys put in a blistering last lap--his fastest of the race--to take the win. Stybar continued to enjoy the frozen ground, finishing second. Albert won was given the sprint for third. More from CN.

Watch Nys ride away from Stybar on the bell lap:

Over in the FGBC CX Pool, it was a tight race. Ian held on to take a narrow win. He finished with 415 points. David and Olli were just a tire width behind at 410 points each. In the overall race, Jonny M has fallen out of second place for the first time in over a month. He knocked me off of the second podium step on Nov. 23. I've now fallen all the 7th place with little sign of hope for recovery. Jonny M looks to be headed in the same direction. Rachel has now taken over second place, and even David S has moved ahead of the man who once looked poised to unseat Gary from his throne. Rachel's team has been hot as of late, but she's not been the hottest. Since the American season ended just over two weeks ago, the best team has been Ian (2940 points) with Vic following hot on his heels (2890). Rachel is only third best since Dec. 19, with 2785 points. Chris A, Olli, and David S are right there as well. Jonny M is just 10th best over that span. He conceded over 1000 points to Ian and Vic. Gary has been surprisingly average as well. He has 2305 points in that same span. And yet his lead is as big as ever, at almost 600 points. Even if Al and Stybar remain hot, I don't think Rachel has enough, especially now that Gary has Albert back.

Yesterday's Results:

Ian 415
David S 410
Olli 410
Vic 370
Gary 370
Chris A 350
Rachel 345
Charlene 305
Paddy & Naomi 265
Chris H 255
Tomek 240
Deanna 235
Adam 230
Jonny M 215
Dallas 200
Jonny G 175
Andy 155
Hal 135
Brad 125
Matt 85
Bill 65

Since Dec. 19:

Ian 2940
Vic 2890
Rachel 2785
Chris A 2755
Olli 2690
David S 2655
Gary 2305
Matt 1970
Brad 1940
Jonny M 1865
Adam 1865
Paddy & Naomi 1815
Chris H 1785
Dallas 1770
Bill 1740
Hal 1685
Jonny G 1670
Charlene 1655
Tomek 1555
Andy 1550
Deanna 1420

Overall Standings:

Gary 11905
Rachel 11320
David S 11270
Jonny M 11235
Chris A 10795
Olli 10420
Chris H 9865
Matt 9550
Ian 9490
Vic 9470
Paddy & Naomi 9310
Charlene 8920
Deanna 8695
Adam 8275
Tomek 8270
Jonny G 8155
Dallas 8140
Brad 8120
Bill 7520
Hal 7215
Andy 6980


halloewen said...

but what about the race for last place? andy and i seemed to have that locked up. it looked to be a close race a couple of weeks ago, but my team finally is starting to produce some truly non-inspiring results which are only marginally better than andy's

go lantern rouge.

Gianni said...

Errata: Albert _was given_ the sprint for third.