Sunday, January 11, 2009


The 2009 roster is starting to take shape. Last years trio of racers--Jonny G, LeAnn, and me--will be back and better than ever. We are pleased to announce that the promising young talent, Craig, has recently signed on too. As a rookie, he will be in charge of such important housekeeping matters as filling water bottles, doing the laundry, and applying the chamois cream to our shorts. We are looking forward to another exciting season of showing off the sweetest jersey in the world, and maybe even showing up at some races.

The team still has a few vacant spots left. Send your expressions of interest and race resumes to the race director.

New for this year, licenses for those who have never had one before will be available at a fraction of the cost of a regular license. Or at least that's what they are saying.


mhandsco said...

Huh? Team for what? For making the mountain biking?

Gianni said...

License to ill?

The Dark Lord said...

Matt--There might be some mountain biking. We'll see. Definitely cyclocross and grass track. I'll be doing as many of the MUERTO races as possible. You in?

mhandsco said...

MUERTO? No creo que si... But I'm looking forward to cyclocross season and may take in a mountain bike race or two.

I just kind of figured that we were all part of team FGBC by virtue of our interest and that application ran contra to the "we are what we are" mantra.

Never having had a license - this will be year one - are you talking about listing FGBC on the MCA form as being a "another level" of team membership?

Hey! Happy New Year!

The Dark Lord said...

I think you've got it figured out, Matt. Application? Race Resume? It's called irony. Don't worry. We still are exactly what we are. This is demonstrated by the fact that the president of the FGBC has signed on to race with a different outfit.

There is the FGBC and then there is the FGBC. As for which is which, let alone which is more real, we have to have something to talk about at the F&H.

You are in.

mhandsco said...


penner said...

just a note from the president's office.

my efforts toward "FGBC racing" last year were minimal at best, however I did make it out to a few wednesday night races as well as two cup races, none of which I finished last.

Maybe whoever has decided who I will be racing for would be so kind as to purchase my liscence. Further to that point.. with KOM coaching... that may very well be the case anyway :)
we shall see.
From the races I attended last year it does not matter which club you are registered with you can still fly the FGBC colors in a sanctioned race anyway.

Brad the Impaler said...

I'm in. Colin? Vic? I need a few others who are approaching their dotage.

halloewen said...

vic actually had his license last year, bought it for the gravel race or so i thought

The Dark Lord said...

I think Vic only enjoyed the opportunity know as "license in progress," but failed to consummate the real thing.

This year, however, he will correct for that.

Gianni said...


Nicely played, sir.

the secretary said...

further to your comments Matt, last tuesday, quite a debate raged on the whole insurance thing. details of that aside, it was suggested that the club races and the klub holds more tightly to the "we are exactly who we are" bit. others of us don't feel we have much to lose if we're sued by someone's spouse for their infirmity from some non-MCA insured good times... which all of our rides are unless EVERYONE there has the $25 MCA membership.

I now ride for the FGBK, and I don't know any of you guys.

The Dark Lord said...

To be clear, Team FGBC = those with race licenses.

The insurance question is another matter. Maybe even an important one. But that's not what this is first of all about.