Thursday, August 27, 2009

2009 FGBC Vuelta Pool

This week's exercise in anticipation is dedicated exclusively to the 2009 FGBC Vuelta Pool. The last grand tour pool of the season. The 2009-10 FGBC Cyclocross Pool will be launched shortly. It kicks off on Sept. 23 with Cross Vegas.

We will use the same rules as in the 2009 FGBC Tour de France Pool.

Choose a team of nine riders from this list, using the following criteria:

Pick 2 GC men; combined values must add up to 4 or more
Pick 2 Sprinters; combined values must add up to 4 or more
Pick 1 TT man and 1 climber; combined values must add up to 4 or more
Pick 1 stage hunter
Pick 2 wild cards

Send your teams here by Saturday at 8am.

Yes, the results will count toward the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge.

As usual, feel free to invite others.


mhandsco said...

GC: Sanchez/Kirchen

Sprint: Farrar/Haedo

TT/Climb: Cancellara/Txurruka

SH: Gilbert

WC: Wegelius/Hernandez

KK said...

Awesome! Who says I can't still race?

Anonymous said...

Basso ( why wouldn't you pick him? whats wrong with you?)

Evans (I picked him because I think he's about to be either unemployed or underemployed. People ride better when they can't make rent.)

Davis ( I deserve him because of getting SCREWED at the tour.)

Farrar (Gave me most of my points at the tour.)

Cancellara (Even though he'll pull out early for worlds. He'll puts on a great show .)

Horner ( If you don't LOVE this guy there's something WRONG with you!!!!
In fact I expect him to be on every-ones team your not right in the head:)

Gilbert( Hard core classics rider , a mans man.)

Gadret (This guy tells me if your true to cross or not.)

Boom ( He riders better than I ever will and thats enough for me.)

Well Thar's my team and reasons. I would like to point out that my picks although hardcore opinionated usually place me sweetly in the middle of the pack.

Dallas " 284-5347 call and explain to me why you don't like Horner. "Sigurdur

The Dark Lord said...

Dallas, the Dept. of Low Stake Gambling has added a special provision allowing you to pick Mourey as well. Feel free to use him to replace anyone from one of the non-wild card categories.

3 cx'ers and 4 Canucks. The Vuelta is where it's at.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping a brother out. At the cross race sunday there will be a St. James waiting for you:)

Mourey replaces Cancellara

Dallas " Never to proud to take help from a friend." Sigurdur

The Dark Lord said...

As it turns out, Mourey is not starting. I guess it's back to Fabian. I hear he's pretty good.

Olli said...

I need to google the photos of the riders so that Mrs. H can pick her team...