Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

1) Today

CX season officially begins! As they say on the PdC, it's business time.

Speaking of the cx season, there has been a change to the calendar. See below. But first, #4 in the postcard series. Whether these actually hit the streets or not will be decided at the MUCR meeting tonight.

The calendar change has to do with the second race. It has been changed from Sept. 20 to Sept. 19. That's a Saturday. There are three Saturday races this year. And also a bunch that will start later in the afternoon: MBCX #1, MBCX #2, MBCX #4, and MBCX #6. Interesting.

MBCX #1 - Aug. 30 - Crescent Drive Park
MBCX #2 - Sept. 19 - Kings Park
MBCX #3 - Sept. 26 - CMU
MBCX #4 - Oct. 4 - Bourkevale/Bruce Park
MBCX #5 - Oct. 10 - Belgian Club
MBCX #6 - Oct. 18 - Altona
MBCX #7 - Oct. 25 - Whittier Park
MBCX Provincials - Nov. 1 - Woodhaven
MBCX #8 - Nov. 8 - Kildonan Park

2) Sunday

OperaciĆ³n MUERTO wraps up with eight hours at Birch.

Anyone going?

3) Next Thursday

4-Person TTT at BHP. In addition to the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge, this race will feature a special three-way cage match between the FGBC, RRR, and Olympia. Good times.

4) Two weeks away

Vicarious racing returns:

The preliminary start list is out. More details to come once it gets firmed up.


Brad the Impaler said...

Saturday racing? What if you don't roll on Shabbat?

The Dark Lord said...

Better tend to your work schedule now.

Coach Dave said...

Of course we are racing (what a silly question). Missing an 8-hour is like missing a cross race… never happens.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I talked to the legs and they told me that they weren't interested in the 8 hour. I asked them why and they said it was time to get ready for the fire.
Whats the fire you say? Well it's the fire in your lung and legs from the first pedal push till the last in cross. My legs were telling me it's time to speed up , not slow down.

Have a great time this weekend kids,. I'll be planning my first attack on the barriers.

Dallas "Tron funkin blows." Sigurdur

Coach Dave said...

A race for hard men! I would say speed up on a Cross bike for 8-hours in the Mud at Birch. What could be better cross training then 8-hours of Mud at Birch? You talk of fire when, my friend, I speak of FIRE. Remember our roots… in the 1900s the hard men of cross raced each other to the next town over from them, and that they were allowed to cut through farmer's fields, over fences or take any other shortcuts in order to make it to the next town first. This is cross at its best. I give you the 3Peaks by way of example… Total distance: 61kms (38 miles) and Total climbing: 1524m. Come out and ride, push and carry your bike into the depths of suffering. I cannot say this will be easy, but I do say it will be epic… and it is only 8-hours.

wv dobod (Do Birch On Da-Cross-Bike)

Gianni said...

Yep, I'm going on Sunday. Probably have room for one more if someone needs a ride (I was thinking of camping Sat night, but not if it stays super wet).

Unknown said...

So not many people registered for tha race (less than half from last year)! Everyone better walk up the day of. Who's scared of a little rain.


Coach Dave said...

Tomek is in!