Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Let's try this again.

My place at 9:30 pm.


Tom K said...

I'll be there ... racing or cruising.

tenacious v said...

Hey everyone, I won't be there tonight as I am the lake this week. Have a great ride.

tenacious v said...

sometimes I wish i was the lake

g said...

most likely out for the ride and or race...family in town. might come out later for beer.

Anonymous said...

Day 2

Dear canti brakes on my bike,

Thanks you for being so spacious and welcoming of the mud. I love how you spread your arms wide in anticipation of it.
Also, thanks for being weak like your owner. I appreciate the fact that when I call upon you to stop me you slow me down at best . I know you do this on purpose showing me that I can ride the lines faster and giving me a bit more faith in my ability.

with love,


Dallas "The cowbells are coming, the cow bells are coming." Sigurdur

luke enns said...

september is coming and that means more bike time for lukie. see you fellas soon.

that dave said...


you, with your depth and clear waters, are the lake.

"The" Alter boy said...

Dear "Anonymous" (Dallas).

As I read your posts I get a sense that maybe I'm not so weird after all.
Thank you!