Monday, August 31, 2009

Vuelta Stages 1-3

The pool is open for business.

Winners of the first three stages were Olli, Penner, and Rachel.

Olli led for the first two days. But Johnny S edged ahead of him today. He has a 5 point lead over Olli, with Darryl holding down the 3rd spot.

At this point, the battle for the lanterne rouge is between me and Dallas.

Full results here. Rosters coming later.


the secretary said...

this start is looking a little like our start in cross... other than the vp race showing some leadership at the bottom. FGBC almost all in the top twenty! I wanted to say the darkness is oozing, but this is all far too surprising and abrupt to use that adjective. I've never seen the top half of a pool before. "Shocking" may be more apt.

Altona Bicycle Enthusiast Society said...

I’m winning?! HAHAHA!! That is hilarious/awesome! I’d like to take this rare opportunity to tell you all to suck it. HAHAHAHA!!!!